//Wizard Tone Studios

Hot on the heels of our show Two Chics and A BOOM! Emily A Smith and I went into Wizard Tone studios and began recording several new songs. We were joined by Holly Thomas, who flew over from Melbourne to drum up some excellent percussion. Also, local bass diva Shireen Khemlani and the wonderful Emma Luker brought some very fine violin licks to the mix.

I was back into the studio a few weeks later to add the final vocals. When Emily returned to Adelaide for work, she was able to finish off the guitar parts and add the backing vocals.  Richard Coates, local keyboard player has add some ivory tinkling to three of the tracks and now all we have to do is front up to a mixing session and it will be ready for the master.

We have had a great time working with James Brown, who has been extremely helpful with production suggestions along the way.

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