The New Stuff

Hot news: With the mastering complete, we are not far off producing the new EP. Courtney Robb is finalising the artwork and dates are being booked for a Truth & Trickery Launch and Tour!

Hot on the heels of our 2018 Umbrella show, ‘Two Chics and A BOOM!’ Emily A Smith and I went into Wizard Tone studios and began recording. We were joined by Holly Thomas, who flew from Melbourne and drummed up some excellent percussion. Local bass diva Shireen Khemlani and the wonderful Emma Luker added bottom and top to the mix.

I was back in the studio a few weeks later to add the final vocals and talk about the feel. When Emily returned to Adelaide for work, she finished off guitar parts and added the backing vocals.  Richard Coates, local keyboard player has brought some ivory tinkling to three of the tracks and things are really starting to sound complete.

We had a great time working with James Brown, because he has been extremely helpful with suggestions along the way.