I have never had such an obstacle course getting an album manufactured as I have with this new album. The difference being, a few more hands in the pot than there have been in the past. Mind changing, approvals, a graphic problem, application to own codes, creation of the correct file and eventually all the ducks were in the correct row. Then…a machine breakdown at Implant Media (of course).

But, true to their word, the machinery was mended and the album was manufactured and delivered.

You can purchase a copy through my website store pre-release.


It was an absolute pleasure recording with Rod McCormack  in his Erina studios on the NSW Central Coast. We got together in August with Lou Bradley, Gina Jeffreys, Max Jackson and seven of their long term students to write new material for an EP.  However, the number of amazing songs we had by the end of the week, were far too valuable to bin, so I decided to record a full album.

In November, I headed back to Erina to begin the process and the new tracks have received the full McCormack treatment and morphed into a brand new Americana album.  This was a completely new experience for me and saw us chasing some remarkable approaches.

Rod raised the interest of several overseas artists (Nashville and Ireland) who agreed to add their talent to the mix. I am so proud that the likes of Jeff Taylor (Time Jumpers), Andy Leftwich (Kentucky Thunder) and Pat Crowley (Mary Black Band) have added their touch to several tracks.

Earthy, perilously personal.

Miguel Rios and Meredith O’Shea arrived from Melbourne in the second week to start shooting video footage. They covered some great studio material and we spent several hours at Terrigal Beach catching the beautiful sunrise and perfect conditions. I travelled to Melbourne in January to finish the video shoot.

I have seen the first of the pics taken and I am stunned by how brilliant they are. I am truly grateful and humbled for how many seriously talented people are invested in this project with me. Hats off to Ash Sheehan, Toby Wells and Jacky McCormack for dreaming this one up for me.

Check my youtube channel and store to find this new release Hiding Out In Tuscany.