What a wonderful night was had at Olive Branch Cafe in Balhannah for Club Acoustica. If you enjoyed the music, please consider contributing to my new album crowdfund. Scan the QR code to see your reward options.

Turtlefish and Richard Satchell – Hailing from the Adelaide Hills, Turtlefish is a solo singer/songwriter who collaborates with other artists in search of expressive and creative chemistry. Influenced by folk, rock and soul, Turtlefish will present a dynamic mix of original and cover material. He’ll be joined by Richard Satchell on keyboard and guitar.

Marco Scamoni – Marco writes his own Blues and Country with reflections on a colourful life.

Paula Standing –  After a four year hiatus, Paula Standing finally made it back into the studio this year to record new tracks. Working closely with Quentin Eyres (Q The Music) and Stephen Loss (Instrumentalist & Arranger) we can look forward to hearing a touch of bluegrass in these latest works.

Starting out on this journey back in 2013, Paula now has a substantial back catalogue of her own brand of Folk-Americana tales. Find it all on multiple online stores

Entertained by poet  Dave Wunderlich

Hosted by Tony Barber

Forever grateful to the Olive Branch team for their ongoing support of Club Acoustica and the arts in general.