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Paula Standing produces acoustic folk songs with an old country twist and a sting in the tale. Both local and universal in songwriting and performance, what you hear, will not be what you expect.

Tamworth Country Music Festival

I landed home safe and well after travelling to the 2019 Tamworth Country Music Festival. My first foray into the biggest country music festival in Australia was hot, busy, a little overwhelming and did I mention HOT!? I had several shows over the week and it was with great pleasure I was given a surprise guest spot at The Peel Inn, Nundle.  Jeremy Edwards and his band Dust Radio were performing and he invited myself and some others to sing for the crowd.

Tamworth Country Music Gig Guide

 The ‘Dolly For Dolly’ fundraiser was a resounding success and I was also able to present an original song. The event was organised by the delightful Larissa Uebergang because of her profound social conscience.  She invited me to part of it because she and I spent time writing a song together in 2017 with Emma Dykes.

Dolly For Dolly

Tamworth Country Music Fundraiser

I took part in the Walk Up Country Battle on the Coca Cola Stage in the town hall, with its fab acoustics. This being a long running tradition of the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Along with other songwriters I performed in three sessions with the Tamworth Songwriters Association.  I managed a bonus performance at the TSA Open Mic as well.

Tamworth Songwriter Sessions

TSA at Tamworth Country Music Festival

Emily A Smith and I had a super time presenting a set on the RAB Stage in Peel Street, because it is such a prize venue. We also had a blast at the Post Office Hotel and The Imperial Brewhouse.

My final gig was with DAG songwriters at Live On The Deck and Showcase at The DAG Sheep Station. Headlined by Shane Nicholson, Kevin Bennett and Jeremy Edwards. Myself and other DAG Retreat participants are more than pleased to share the stage with these awesome names. Many thanks to John Krsulja for the invitation.

Songwriters Retreat

DAG at Tamworth Country Music Festival

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As the name suggests, Womstock is a Wombat Festival with Live Entertainment, cruelty free food, fun, games and laughter on the  banks of the beautiful lake at the Flaxley Wombat Sanctuary. I was proud to support these wonderful ladies and their furry friends.

The great news is, they managed to raise in excess of $10,000! So huge thanks to all of you who bought tickets, merchandise food, raffle tickets, donated and volunteered.

” This was the sanctuary’s very first open day and a very important fundraiser to help raise funds for a fire bunker for the special needs wombats this fire season.” 

Lucky punters who came, got to see the womes (wombat homes); met some of the beautiful bubbas and found out how the sanctuary operates.

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Almost Okay in Melrose

Perfect Place

In September, I travelled to my favourite Flinders Ranges town of Melrose, but not for the sadly missed Music Muster. When the Muster was still a thing, I discovered the perfect place for a live shoot and promised I would return. The Holy Trinity Anglican Church offers perfect acoustics and a glorious light.  I knew this was the best location for a gentle murder ballad and it did not disappoint.  We took advantage of this exquisite building to portray a sad tale, but one clothed in a rich ambience.

Thanks goes to Fr John Fowler for arranging access and facilitating the extended time required.

Live Recording Mission

I engaged Reel Time Studios,  with trusty camera and borrowed recording devices to shoot the footage.  After several takes, we had the material to splice together a good story.  Together we spent an hour selecting the best bits and were rewarded with a wonderful finished product.

Almost Okay now available on YouTube for you viewing enjoyment.

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Taking It Well EP

I was pleased to finally release my EP ‘Taking It Well‘, because these songs have been burning a hole on my shelf since 2017..  These three tracks deal with stories of people dealing with crazy situations but still, ‘taking it well’. ‘Fly’ is dedicated to two Australians executed in Bali and how they turned their lives around in prison.

The tracks have been downloaded by a number of radio stations and played on various shows across the country. I was also able to feature it as guest artist on Radio Adelaide‘s Songcatcher program.

Launched from The Wheaty, supporting Clint Wilson, from Melbourne, who was touring his LP Dark Water.

The EP is available in digital form only, but you can find it in any online store

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Semaphore Music Festival

Well this year I made my debut appearance at the Semaphore Music Festival. Monday October 1, saw me on the BSide Community Stage in Mundy St, Port Adelaide. I kicked off the Monday lineup and was followed by Dave Robinson; Amy Jennifer; Moose Hair; James Hickey and Kylie Brice. An equally awesome lineup was inside Hart’s Flour Mill. Lovely close to a fantastic festival.


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Wizard Tone Studios

The New Stuff

Hot on the heels of our 2018 Umbrella show, ‘Two Chics and A BOOM!’ Emily A Smith and I went into Wizard Tone studios and began recording. We were joined by Holly Thomas, who flew from Melbourne and drummed up some excellent percussion. Local bass diva Shireen Khemlani and the wonderful Emma Luker added bottom and top to the mix.

I was back in the studio a few weeks later to add the final vocals and talk about the feel. When Emily returned to Adelaide for work, she finished off guitar parts and added the backing vocals.  Richard Coates, local keyboard player has brought some ivory tinkling to three of the tracks and things are really starting to sound complete.

Emily and I spent a couple of hours with James to direct the mix and now we are just waiting for the finals to rock in.

We had a great time working with James Brown, because he has been extremely helpful with suggestions along the way.

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Two Chics and A Boom – Umbrella 2018

Friday Night July 20th 8pm

Chic Chic Boom was launched to radio, with the help of Emily A Smith and myself during 2018 Umbrella Festival. We presented the show from the awesome Wheatsheaf Hotel with a full band in tow. With an underbelly element, this was an evening of retribution showcasing new and old tracks we have worked on together over the past few years.

Emily launched her own original music into the public arena. The night began with a laid back semi-acoustic set, later joined by a band of local musicians which set the crowd buzzing.  What a fun night ending on a spectacular and off the cuff version of House Of The Rising Sun. Many thanks to the appreciative audience for coming out on a cold and rainy night.

We were joined by Annie Siegmann [Emily Davis Band] on Bass; Gerard Spalding [Lucky seven] on Drums

Guest appearance from Emma Luker [Fiddle Chicks and others] on Violin

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Music Talks|Indie Music Blog

Tracey Arbon of Music Talks has chosen me as the feature folk artist for the May issue. The article covers my musical journey and those pivotal moments that pushed me into a singer songwriter world. Sometimes singing in the shower pays off.

You can discover many new artists on this platform, so click on the link and enjoy!

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Netgigs filmed four bands and four solo artists at Adelaide’s premier music venue, a night labelled Fire At Fowler’s. It is with a heavy heart I read that Fowler’s is facing closure at the end of the year, due to building management not renewing the lease. They have new plans for the building and Fowler’s management has not been able to secure an appropriate replacement venue.

On a happier note, the footage was presented at Big Sound Music Conference 2018 in Brisbane. This has lead to more opportunities for Netgigs and will see it grow well into the future.

If you missed out on the night, my individual show is  now available to watch online from the comfort of your own home. All acts will be available individually for $5 and the whole show for a mere $10.

Solo Acts: Ben Whittington; Paula Standing; Damon Sparkes; Jack Buchanan

Bands: Tough Boys; Nuseum; Imogen Brave; Audio Reign



I am proud to have been invited by the wonderful Joe Mac to perform on the acoustic show of Netgigs with Jack Buchanan and Ben McNeil. Netgigs is a streaming service for live music. The team have recorded a full series of shows, mainly with bands until this last episode, which is fully acoustic.

This show was recorded and live streamed March 17, 2018. Recently, each set has been turned into an individual show and you can access my show here

Watch the trailer here

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