Originality is not always finding something new to look at, often it’s finding a new way to look at the things we see everyday. Informed and impacted by the musical and personal influences on her life, Paula Standing blends these elements into a musical style that comfortably borrows inspiration from a number of sources yet strongly retains a feel that is very much her own.

Immersed in a sea of live music created during her family’s regular ‘front parlour’ sessions, Paula Standing continues to be impacted by the musical and personal influences in her life.


Whether in the desert outback or beside the surf beaches of Australia’s substantial coastline, Paula is an established favourite amongst the Australian contemprorary indie roots scene, where wry humour and warmth are as much a part of the show as her impressive vocal range and guitar combo.

Unchanged is the deeply personal songwriting, always important, never

Without taking a breathe, Paula has live recorded straight to video, a gripping murder ballad released straight to You Tube. Set in the stunning Holy Trinity Church at the foot of Mt Remarkable.