Bella Voce Singing Lessons

I have taught singing off and on since before I graduated from my Diploma of Creative Arts in 1983. More recently, in 2015 I started teaching a friend who was looking for help in that department. I eventually started taking on further students and even took on a student interstate via the internet. When COVID hit, I began teaching all of my students online.

I am now teaching via the internet as a matter of course, this has turned out to be very convenient for people as they do not have to travel to and from lessons. If you cannot find a teacher in your area or are short on time, this may be the answer for you.

If you would like more details, please contact me for more information on how this works.

Check out my Bella Voce FB Page

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Club Acoustica

* * * Club Acoustica is back, first Sunday every month! * * *

What a delight it was to be back at Club Acoustica. A fabulous night with an equally fabulous audience and the usual top class service from the staff at The Olive Branch in Balhannah.

These sessions will continue throughout the year on the first Sunday of each month. Starting at 6.00pm with an 8.30 pm finish. There is ample time to catch up with friends and enjoy the great food, coffee and wine offered by the Olive Branch Café!

There are Covid restrictions on the number of people who can be the restaurant, so you will need to pre-book. The phone number is (08) 8398 0009.  These are always booked out, so hurry and don’t miss out.

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I’d Go Back Again Single Release

Looking back on the 60’s and 70’s party scene

Growing up in a community that valued great parties with live music, dancing and singing. This is where my musical education began. My recent Single “I’d Go Back Again” is a salute to the people, the pianos and the houses that hosted these fine indelible events.

Just in time for Christmas, this is the third single release for 2020, from the upcoming album ‘The More I Give’. Written with Rod McCormack, Lou Bradley and Gina Jeffreys in the Music Cellar. Apart from Rod’s exquisite instrumental and production talent, this track also features Nashville musician, Jeff Taylor on keys and accordion.  Released on  November 27th, 2020, the track is available in all online stores, including Bandcamp.

Try My Store for more information. 

A wonderful lyrics video has been cleverly created from old photos from the actual parties and our family album. Another masterpiece created by the talented Miguel Rios and you can see it right now in my Gallery or YouTube.

You can sing a long, just like we did at the old parties!

The live stream of this new single launch is still available on Paula Standing Singer Songwriter FB Page.

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Exciting new Branding Image for my website and social media platforms

Merch News!! Stickers and Tote Bags with the new image available at my gigs!!

My illustrious Web Designers have updated the website with a new image created by graphic artist Renee King. Renee has been designing covers for my singles and album this past year and based on these, she has come up with a whole new image for me. These went live as of Friday October 9th, 2020.

To help launch this new image I had two great live gigs!! Had a wonderful Friday evening performing for Cafe Lune in Brighton as part of their #SupportingLocalArtists series. This was followed closely with a very special house concert “LockDown BreakOut” to celebrate the new levels of people we are allowed to have at home, since the recent LockDowns and limitations.

When you have the right group of people and marvellous friends, you can make magic happen. Nigel Sweeting (bass and sound) Stephen Loss (Mandolin, guitar and keys) and his delightful partner Sheelagh (banjo), were my back up band on Sunday at LockDown BreakOut. My two wonderful friends Andrea McCauley and Sean Pearce hosted the event and let me take over their garage with my home-made staging.

Ben Searcy documented the afternoon with his photography talents, plus some live footage (a couple of clips available on my FB Music Page). 

A fantastic bunch of people turned up to listen and celebrate the new beginnings post COVID Lockdown!

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My Heart Goes With You

Now online on all platforms!

The latest single My Heart Goes With You was officially released on July 24, 2020. Earlier in July, video maker Ben Searcy, myself and artist Sue Norman spent a few days on Brighton Beach shooting a video. Sue has received Australia Day Honours for her Mandala work at Brighton Beach, SA and agreed to create a beach mandala for the single.

Sue is in high demand and so we only had one shot at this on July 8. Thankfully, the weather was kind to us and we managed to get great footage over the two days prior, as well as the day of our own special mandala. Now on my YouTube channel.

Many thanks to Marian Martin who came along at the right time to take this pic below.

This is the second single released from my new album The More I Give. Check out the listen buttons at the bottom of the page for a preview.


The Live Show will be available to view through my FB Music Page Paula Standing Singer Songwriter for a while, but get in quick as it won’t be there forever. We did have a few sound hitches and dropped out in the middle. As a result, it is in two parts and the beginning of the first part is spent trying to get the sound to work. None the less, lessons were learnt and it will be done differently next time.

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Hiding Out In Tuscany

Single News: Hiding Out In Tuscany

The perfect introduction to the new album, The More I Give, slated for September after further mid year single releases. Travel around the planet without leaving home.

Breaking News: CD’s of new album The More I Give has arrived from Implant Media.

If you want your pre-release copy please email me here to place your order. They are not officially available until September, so I have a limited number in stock for the super keen. Pre-release offer $20 + $5 p&h

The album will soon be available in the website store, but it will full retail price $30 (inc p&h). Once it is in store, the special offer above will be no longer available. So, email me now for the special offer!

You can find it on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes and Google Play

“I always wondered where I’d be if I learned to sail across the sea..”

A fabulous video, shot as the album was being recorded, now on YouTube.

Photography by Meredith O’Shea

Video by Miguel Rios

Graphic Art by Renee King

Media Cuts

Jolene Country Music Blog published this article on the new single

Tuscany has found its way onto a few Spotify playlists and now has 2.4K streams over 41 countries.

Check out the radio interest via Radio News (scroll down)

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Industry Speak



Something good to come out of the Covid nightmare, has been more access to workshops I would normally have not been able to participate in, due to distance.

I have had the opportunity to attend multiple ‘I Manage My Music’ workshops online with Jen Cloher based in Melbourne.

I have also had the pleasure to listen to none other than, acclaimed singer songwriter, Mary Gauthier in Nashville, give a Masterclass on Universal Songwriting. Because of this participation I was offered a spot in a series of online Songwriting Workshops with Mary, throughout the month of September. Despite the very early Sunday mornings (for me) I am buzzed to be able to do this.


The dreaded virus has swung its death scythe across many industry events and the Songwriters Conference was yet another casualty. I did manage to do a couple of terms of iheartsongwriting club and have a swag of new songs to work with.


I have been fortunate to score a pass to the 2020 Australian Songwriters Conference on the June long weekend. For this, I will be helping out on the iheartsongwriting club stand over the weekend.


I will be getting along to another iheartsongwriting club workshop Saturday 29th, with Francesca de Valence. The Box Factory has opened its doors once again and all are invited.



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SA Country Music Festival

Had a great time at the 2019 SA Country Music Festival  in the Riverland town of Barmera on the June long weekend. I had the pleasure of appearing on the main street stage Saturday June 8 in the morning and afternoon. Sunday, June 9,  I was in the lineup for the SA Country Music Spectacular in the Bonney Theatre.

Headliners acts Paul Costa, Justin Standley, Bradley Hall and Juliet Oliver. Other artists include The Cut Snakes, The Rustlers, Alison Hams & Mark Tempany, Paula Standing, Cheryl  Lethlean, The Hoffmans and Heartland. Lots of shows in many venues.

SACMF Poster

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Truth & Trickery

Two Voices ‘changing the strings on your heart’

This was the final show for my Truth & Trickery Tour and the one show only with Cathy Dobson from Victoria. We were rewarded with a wonderful attentive crowd at The Wheaty. What a wonderful Sunday afternoon and I was so pleased Cathy got to show off her stuff in front of such a fabulous audience. The best way to finish off my first ever tour! You can hear more of her music in online stores and streaming services.

I have had a fabulous time on this journey telling tales to audiences in Melbourne, Brisbane, Barmera and Adelaide. Many thanks to those of you who have attended gigs, musicians who have supported me and all of those who have bought my music, also the radio stations and presenters who are playing my music. You make it all worth while.


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