Good Heart

A rather drawn out affair, recording began in September 2016.  With help from Emily A Smith, Ali Foster, Shireen Khemlani, Mick Albeck we laid down the beginnings of six new tracks. Under the steady mixing hand of Anthony Stewart at Red Brick Music and Neville Clark, Master of mastering, at Disk Edits I released a single ‘I Tried To Write A Christmas Song’ in time for Christmas.

Back in the studio in December, I made a start on a further four tracks and was overjoyed when the Sherrahs agreed to add their amazing harmonies. During 2017, the rest of tracks came together and I was able to launch Good Heart in November.


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Radio News

“Keeping you in the loop with Radio Shows I am involved with.”

Note: I will be a regular guest on Folk ‘Til Midnight with Eric Ford for the remainder of the year. The second Wednesday of the month will be an expose of my performances, new songs and an update on SCALA performances.


Wednesday February 10th

  • Folk ‘Til Midnight with Eric Ford on 5EBI fm 103.1


In December

Tuesday 1st

  • Breakfast with Crossy KIX Country Network
  • Denis Holyoake on 2CUZ 106.5 FM

Wednesday 2nd

  • Merylin Henderson on 5KIxFM 90.7

Friday 4th

  • Talking Queensland with Ashley Jones for Resonate Radio Group
  • Breakfast with Kev Walsh for Good Morning Country

Saturday 19th

  • Arts Breakfast with Chris Crebbin on Radio Adelaide 101.5fm

**  STOP PRESS  **

Thank you Community Radio through out Australia. Recently, My Heart Goes With You charted in the top ten songs downloaded by regional stations, for two weeks running!!

In November

Friday 27th

  • Showbiz with Leigh Drew on 3SER M 97.7
  • Arts Alive with Vincent O’Donnell

Monday 30th

  • Sugar N Spice with Bob & Judy Phillips on 3RPP 98.7 FM

In August

Sunday 2nd

  • Sugar N Spice with Bob & Judy Phillips for 3RPP 98.7 FM  – to air Thursday 6th

Monday 3rd

  • Breakfast with Matty Motlop for BBM [live to air]
  • GG’s Country & Western with Georgie Cadwallader for Northside 99.3 FM [live to air]
  • Merilyn Henderson for 5KIx FM 90.7 [live to air]

Tuesday 4th

  • Breakfast with Glenn Best Cairns FM 89.1 [live to air]

Wednesday 5th

  • Wednesday Hills Chat with Alan Musa for Hills Radio 88.9FM [live to air]

Thursday 6th

  • Cheryl Crabtree That Radio Girl for Triple Z | Radio Adelaide | RadioKSA
  • Gary Wharton for BBBFM

Monday 10th

  • The Cruze with Peter Holland for 2NM AM 981
  • Nick Mollenhauer for Phoenix Radio

Tuesday 11th

  • Drive with Lindsay McDougall for ABC Illawarra

Wednesday 13th

  • Community Chest with Trevor Franklin for Fraser Coast FM
  • Clayton Bester for Flow FM

Friday 21st

  • Saturday Breakfast with Sally-Anne Whitten for 2TM AM

In July

Wednesday 22nd

  • Recorded an interview with Leigh Drew for Showbiz on 3SER FM97.7 – went to air Friday 24th

Thursday 23rd

  • Interview recorded with Luke ‘Crossy’ Cross for KIX Country Breakfast – went to air 29th

Friday 24th

  • Talking Queensland with Ashley Jones for Resonate Radio Group – went to air Saturday 30th
  • Australian Country with Mike Crozier for 96.5 Valley FM
  • Tony Wright for DBCR 102.1FM
  • Pip Rae for Shire-Pod [podcast]

Tuesday 28th

  • Mitchell’s Front Page with Mitchell Dye for 94.7 FM The Pulse
  • Denis Holyoake for 2CUZ 106.5 FM
  • Bernie Gorringe for Radio MAMA in WA – to air Thursday 30th
  • Breakfast with Kev Walsh for Good Morning Country

Wednesday 29th

  • Let’s Go Country with Brian Sillett for UG FM [live to air]
  • Home Grown Country with Ian Crombie for Radio 16

In May

Saturday 9th

  • Interview recorded last month with Chris Crebben went to air on Arts Breakfast Radio Adelaide

Wednesday 13th

  • Talking live to air with Beth Brown on Jukebox Junkie for YASS FM 100.3

In April

Still talking to some radio stations this month about Tuscany and future releases.

Thursday 16th

  • 99.1 Smart FM in Victoria with Simon Blandthorn

Friday 17th

  • Recorded an interview for Vision Australia Network Behind The Scenes with Chris Thompson

Saturday 25th

  • Recorded an interview for Radio Adelaide’s Art Breakfast with Chris Crebben.

In March 

Interviews are being lined up for the next couple of months by Eva at Hot Off The Press.  I will be setting them up on here and social media posts, so keep an eye out for when you may catch me. 

Monday 9th

  • KIX Country KI with Merilyn Henderson
  • Inner FM Morning Magazine with Judy Bennett

Friday 13th

  • Yarra Valley FM Live & Local with Jon Zwart
  • KIX Country Network Breakfast with Crossy
  • 3SER 97.7FM Showbiz with Leigh Drew

Tuesday 17th

  • Valley FM 89.5 Australian Country with Mike Crozier
  • 2CUZ 106.5 FM with Denis Holyoake
  • Flow FM with Clayton Bester

Wednesday 18th

  • Resonate Radio Group Talking Queensland with Ashley Jones
  • 102.1FM Donnybrook Community Radio in WA with Tony Wright Classic Hits & More
  • Twin Cities 89.7FM in WA The Morning Show with Sue Myc
  • 2CCR Alive 90.5FM in NSW Point of View with Aparna Vats

Thursday 19th

  • WOW FM 100.5 in SA Dianna Taylors Cool Room Cool Country

Friday 20th

  • Radio 16 in Newcastle NSW with Ian Crombie for Home Grown Country
  • Another chat with Kevin Walsh on Community Radio Network for Good Morning Country

Wednesday 25th

  • 3KND 1503 AM Kool n Deadly The Big Brekky with GMAN Gerry Lyons in Victoria
  • Breakfast with Matty Motlop on BBM 98.7 FM in Queensland
  • Let’s Go Country with Brian Sillett for UG FM in Victoria

Thursday 26th

  • Pre-record chat with Nick Mollenhauer for Phoenix Radio in Queensland
  • Vincent O’Donnell recorded a chat for Arts Alive aired via Community Radio Network
  • Hills Chat with Bill Hodgson for Hills Radio 88.9 FM in Gawler SA

Monday 30th

  • Breakfast with the Motley Crew on 3WBC 94.1 FM [pre-record]
  • GG’s Country & Western with George Cadwallader for Northside 99.3 FM in NSW
  • The Cruze with Peter Holland for 2NM AM 981 in NSW

Tuesday 31st

  • Recording an interview with Janelle Gebadi from 4MW 1260 AM in Queensland
  • Chatting live to air on Breakfast with Glenn Best on Cairns FM 89.1 in Queensland
  • Catching up with Bernie Gorringe on Radio MAMA in WA


In January (Tamworth Radio spots)

  • Monday 20th at 10am I visited Radio MAMA to talk live on air with Barry Anderson on Mama’s Brekkie Show. 
  • Tuesday 21st I recorded an interview with KIX Country which was aired later in the day
  • Thursday 23rd I had a very busy morning visiting 2TM at 7:20am to play live to air and chat with Pete Huxley. Followed immediately by a live to air chat with JB and Sally-Anne Whitten on Breakfast with JB at 7:40am on 92.9fm. Just time for a coffee and then onto 88.9fm for another live to air chat, this time with Jon Wolfe at 10:30am
  • Saturday 25th Kev Walsh interviewed me on air at 7am for Good Morning Country on Saturday Morning Country broadcast nationally across the Community Radio Network.


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Adelaide Songs

What’s in store for 2020


Adelaide Town Hall event cancelled

Another casualty of COVID 19, Adelaide Songs have had to cancel the May event and will reschedule for later in the year – October  or November.  As a result of the move, I have had to resign from the project as I have an album to release and tour at the same time. Please keep an eye out for the new event.


2019 Features

Official CD Launch at The Wheaty

Although we had a mini launch of our CD during the Songs Of The Mid North Tour, it was apparent there needed to be a bigger better affair. So, there was an official launch at the Wheatsheaf Hotel November 10th.

A small preview of the CD was presented on Songcatcher  Radio Adelaide 101.5fm October 25th

Gawler Institute Official Opening

We were asked to perform our show at The official opening of the new Gawler Institute October 25th. Well attended and appreciated gig. Thanks to all the patrons for a great show.


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Appearance History


Club Acoustica, Olive Branch Cafe, Balhannah, SA 7 Feb 2021

5EBI FM Radio, Adelaide, SA 10 Feb 2021


House Concert, Manningham SA 11 Oct 2020

Cafe Lune, Brighton SA Oct 9 2020

The Highway (Pub), Plympton SA Aug 20 2020

Single Launch, FB Live Stream Jul 24 2020

Make Music Day ADL, FB Live Stream 21 Jun 2020

Stamford Grand Hotel, Glenelg SA Feb 28 2020

The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Thebarton SA Feb 2 2020

Semaphore RSL, Semaphore SA Jan 26 2020

Saturday Morning Country with Kev Walsh, [Multiple stations] Jan 25 2020

PO Hotel, Tamworth NSW Jan 24 2020

88.9 FM with Jon Wolfe, Tamworth Jan 23 2020

92.7 FM Breakfast with JB, Tamworth Jan 23 2020

2TM Breakfast, Tamworth NSW Jan 23 2020

City Bowls Club, Tamworth NSW Jan 23 2020

Family Zone Stage, Tamworth NSW Jan 22 2020

The Big Golden Guitar, Tamworth NSW Jan 22 2020

KIX Country, Tamworth NSW Jan 21 2020

The Square Man Inn, Tamworth NSW Jan 20 2020

Radio MAMA Brekkie Show, WA Jan 20 2020

Moonshiners Bar, Tamworth NSW Jan 19 2020

Almond Inn, Tamworth NSW Jan 19 2020

Coca Cola Stage, Tamworth NSW Jan 19 2020


The Wheaty, Thebarton SA Dec 19 2019

Club Acoustica, Balhanna SA Dec 1 2019

Radio Adelaide 101.5fm, Adelaide SA 23 Nov 2019

PBAfm, Salisbury SA 21 Nov 2019

Wheatsheaf Hotel, Thebarton SA 10 Nov 2019


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Regular Events

It is official, attending live music events makes you feel better

So if life is getting you down and even if it’s not, turn off the TV and get into live music. Whether to listen or participate, here are some FREE or very low price events.

Regular live music events that you can be part of..any day of the week

Monday you can tune into 3D Radio 93.7FM Hill Billy Hoot on Monday nights 8-9pm you may hear me and other talented locals or listen online OR come to Lindey Reserve Nelson St Stepney and be part of the fun live! FREE Event

You can then go onto Billy Bob’s BBQ Jam at The Grace Emily in Waymouth St for more smashing open mic antics. Yes there is a BBQ! FREE Event (more…)

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