I landed home safe and well after travelling to the 2019 Tamworth Country Music Festival. My first foray into the biggest country music festival in Australia was hot, busy, a little overwhelming and did I mention HOT!? I had several shows over the week and it was with great pleasure I was given a surprise guest spot at The Peel Inn, Nundle.  Jeremy Edwards and his band Dust Radio were performing and he invited myself and some others to sing for the crowd.

Tamworth Country Music Gig Guide

 The ‘Dolly For Dolly’ fundraiser was a resounding success and I was also able to present an original song. The event was organised by the delightful Larissa Uebergang because of her profound social conscience.  She invited me to part of it because she and I spent time writing a song together in 2017 with Emma Dykes.

Dolly For Dolly

Tamworth Country Music Fundraiser

I took part in the Walk Up Country Battle on the Coca Cola Stage in the town hall, with its fab acoustics. This being a long running tradition of the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Along with other songwriters I performed in three sessions with the Tamworth Songwriters Association.  I managed a bonus performance at the TSA Open Mic as well.

Tamworth Songwriter Sessions

TSA at Tamworth Country Music Festival

Emily A Smith and I had a super time presenting a set on the RAB Stage in Peel Street, because it is such a prize venue. We also had a blast at the Post Office Hotel and The Imperial Brewhouse.

My final gig was with DAG songwriters at Live On The Deck and Showcase at The DAG Sheep Station. Headlined by Shane Nicholson, Kevin Bennett and Jeremy Edwards. Myself and other DAG Retreat participants were more than pleased to share the stage with these awesome names. Many thanks to John Krsulja for the invitation.

Songwriters Retreat

DAG at Tamworth Country Music Festival