“Keeping you in the loop with Radio Shows I am involved with.”

Note: I will be a regular guest on Folk ‘Til Midnight with Eric Ford for the remainder of the year. The second Wednesday of the month will be an expose of my performances, new songs and an update on SCALA performances.


In February

Wednesday 10th

  • Folk ‘Til Midnight with Eric Ford on 5EBI fm 103.1

In March

Wednesday 10th

  • Folk ‘Til Midnight with Eric Ford on 5EBI fm 103.1

In April

Wednesday 14th

  • Folk ‘Til Midnight with Eric Ford on 5EBI fm 103.1

In May

Wednesday 12th

  • Folk ‘Til Midnight with Eric Ford on 5EBI fm 103.1

Saturday 29th

  • Arts Brekky on Radio Adelaide 101.5fm with Chris Crebbin

In June

Wednesday 2nd

  • Folk ‘Til Midnight with Eric Ford on 5EBI fm 103.1
  • The More I Give #1 National Country Hit in June on Oz Radio Gold!!

In July

Saturday 3rd

  • Cairns 89.1 FM Oz Country with Rod

Wednesday 14th

  • Folk ‘Til Midnight with Eric Ford on 5EBI fm 103.1

In August

Monday 2nd

  • 2MNO Monaro FM

Wednesday 18th

  • DBCR 102.1FM Donnybrook WA with Tony Wright

In September

  • 14 Country stations across the USA are playing my album The More I Give
  • 5 Americana stations across the USA are playing my track Call It Home

In October


In December

Tuesday 1st

  • Breakfast with Crossy KIX Country Network
  • Denis Holyoake on 2CUZ 106.5 FM

Wednesday 2nd

  • Merylin Henderson on 5KIxFM 90.7

Friday 4th

  • Talking Queensland with Ashley Jones for Resonate Radio Group
  • Breakfast with Kev Walsh for Good Morning Country

Saturday 19th

  • Arts Breakfast with Chris Crebbin on Radio Adelaide 101.5fm

**  STOP PRESS  **

Thank you Community Radio through out Australia. Recently, My Heart Goes With You charted in the top ten songs downloaded by regional stations, for two weeks running!!

In November

Friday 27th

  • Showbiz with Leigh Drew on 3SER M 97.7
  • Arts Alive with Vincent O’Donnell

Monday 30th

  • Sugar N Spice with Bob & Judy Phillips on 3RPP 98.7 FM

In August

Sunday 2nd

  • Sugar N Spice with Bob & Judy Phillips for 3RPP 98.7 FM  – to air Thursday 6th

Monday 3rd

  • Breakfast with Matty Motlop for BBM [live to air]
  • GG’s Country & Western with Georgie Cadwallader for Northside 99.3 FM [live to air]
  • Merilyn Henderson for 5KIx FM 90.7 [live to air]

Tuesday 4th

  • Breakfast with Glenn Best Cairns FM 89.1 [live to air]

Wednesday 5th

  • Wednesday Hills Chat with Alan Musa for Hills Radio 88.9FM [live to air]

Thursday 6th

  • Cheryl Crabtree That Radio Girl for Triple Z | Radio Adelaide | RadioKSA
  • Gary Wharton for BBBFM

Monday 10th

  • The Cruze with Peter Holland for 2NM AM 981
  • Nick Mollenhauer for Phoenix Radio

Tuesday 11th

  • Drive with Lindsay McDougall for ABC Illawarra

Wednesday 13th

  • Community Chest with Trevor Franklin for Fraser Coast FM
  • Clayton Bester for Flow FM

Friday 21st

  • Saturday Breakfast with Sally-Anne Whitten for 2TM AM

In July

Wednesday 22nd

  • Recorded an interview with Leigh Drew for Showbiz on 3SER FM97.7 – went to air Friday 24th

Thursday 23rd

  • Interview recorded with Luke ‘Crossy’ Cross for KIX Country Breakfast – went to air 29th

Friday 24th

  • Talking Queensland with Ashley Jones for Resonate Radio Group – went to air Saturday 30th
  • Australian Country with Mike Crozier for 96.5 Valley FM
  • Tony Wright for DBCR 102.1FM
  • Pip Rae for Shire-Pod [podcast]

Tuesday 28th

  • Mitchell’s Front Page with Mitchell Dye for 94.7 FM The Pulse
  • Denis Holyoake for 2CUZ 106.5 FM
  • Bernie Gorringe for Radio MAMA in WA – to air Thursday 30th
  • Breakfast with Kev Walsh for Good Morning Country

Wednesday 29th

  • Let’s Go Country with Brian Sillett for UG FM [live to air]
  • Home Grown Country with Ian Crombie for Radio 16

In May

Saturday 9th

  • Interview recorded last month with Chris Crebben went to air on Arts Breakfast Radio Adelaide

Wednesday 13th

  • Talking live to air with Beth Brown on Jukebox Junkie for YASS FM 100.3

In April

Still talking to some radio stations this month about Tuscany and future releases.

Thursday 16th

  • 99.1 Smart FM in Victoria with Simon Blandthorn

Friday 17th

  • Recorded an interview for Vision Australia Network Behind The Scenes with Chris Thompson

Saturday 25th

  • Recorded an interview for Radio Adelaide’s Art Breakfast with Chris Crebben.

In March 

Interviews are being lined up for the next couple of months by Eva at Hot Off The Press.  I will be setting them up on here and social media posts, so keep an eye out for when you may catch me. 

Monday 9th

  • KIX Country KI with Merilyn Henderson
  • Inner FM Morning Magazine with Judy Bennett

Friday 13th

  • Yarra Valley FM Live & Local with Jon Zwart
  • KIX Country Network Breakfast with Crossy
  • 3SER 97.7FM Showbiz with Leigh Drew

Tuesday 17th

  • Valley FM 89.5 Australian Country with Mike Crozier
  • 2CUZ 106.5 FM with Denis Holyoake
  • Flow FM with Clayton Bester

Wednesday 18th

  • Resonate Radio Group Talking Queensland with Ashley Jones
  • 102.1FM Donnybrook Community Radio in WA with Tony Wright Classic Hits & More
  • Twin Cities 89.7FM in WA The Morning Show with Sue Myc
  • 2CCR Alive 90.5FM in NSW Point of View with Aparna Vats

Thursday 19th

  • WOW FM 100.5 in SA Dianna Taylors Cool Room Cool Country

Friday 20th

  • Radio 16 in Newcastle NSW with Ian Crombie for Home Grown Country
  • Another chat with Kevin Walsh on Community Radio Network for Good Morning Country

Wednesday 25th

  • 3KND 1503 AM Kool n Deadly The Big Brekky with GMAN Gerry Lyons in Victoria
  • Breakfast with Matty Motlop on BBM 98.7 FM in Queensland
  • Let’s Go Country with Brian Sillett for UG FM in Victoria

Thursday 26th

  • Pre-record chat with Nick Mollenhauer for Phoenix Radio in Queensland
  • Vincent O’Donnell recorded a chat for Arts Alive aired via Community Radio Network
  • Hills Chat with Bill Hodgson for Hills Radio 88.9 FM in Gawler SA

Monday 30th

  • Breakfast with the Motley Crew on 3WBC 94.1 FM [pre-record]
  • GG’s Country & Western with George Cadwallader for Northside 99.3 FM in NSW
  • The Cruze with Peter Holland for 2NM AM 981 in NSW

Tuesday 31st

  • Recording an interview with Janelle Gebadi from 4MW 1260 AM in Queensland
  • Chatting live to air on Breakfast with Glenn Best on Cairns FM 89.1 in Queensland
  • Catching up with Bernie Gorringe on Radio MAMA in WA


In January (Tamworth Radio spots)

  • Monday 20th at 10am I visited Radio MAMA to talk live on air with Barry Anderson on Mama’s Brekkie Show. 
  • Tuesday 21st I recorded an interview with KIX Country which was aired later in the day
  • Thursday 23rd I had a very busy morning visiting 2TM at 7:20am to play live to air and chat with Pete Huxley. Followed immediately by a live to air chat with JB and Sally-Anne Whitten on Breakfast with JB at 7:40am on 92.9fm. Just time for a coffee and then onto 88.9fm for another live to air chat, this time with Jon Wolfe at 10:30am
  • Saturday 25th Kev Walsh interviewed me on air at 7am for Good Morning Country on Saturday Morning Country broadcast nationally across the Community Radio Network.


In November

  • On Thursday evening 21st, I spent an hour in the studio with Bianca at PBAfm in Salisbury, chatting to her about my current work and singing several songs from previous releases and the new album.
  • I filled the SCALA Spot on Radio Adelaide 101.5fm Arts Breakfast Show on Saturday 23rd. Sang a couple of tunes and talked about my new album and of course what was coming up at SCALA Live.

In October

  • I have been invited back to 5EBI 103.1fm on Sunday 20th to perform at their Open Day. There will be a lineup of various artists including Andy & Marta, Jen Lush, Mike & Sian O’Callaghan, Eric Bogle plus a plethora of exotic acts Philipino, Portugese, Indian Scottish, Macedonian and Sri Lankan music and dance. There will be a full day of entertainment and all are welcome with doors open at 10am – 7pm.
  • Monday 28th will see the Adelaide Songs crew showing off our CD to the Songcatcher team at Radio Adelaide 101.5fm. This, leading up to our launch,  November 10 at The Wheaty.

In September

  • Chatting with Eric Ford on his Folk Till Midnight Show on Radio 5EBI 103.1fm Wednesday night 25th between 9:30pm and midnight!

In August

  • Tracy & The Big D on Sunshine FM 104.9 in Qld called me up to chat about Heartaches Coming Around, Truth & Trickery and what is coming up next. They posted a podcast the very next day and you can listen here
  • Joshua Epperson from Country Storm Radio Show in NYC requested my full EP after hearing the single Heartaches Coming Around
  • Adrian Cunningham from Riviera FM in Torquay, UK also requested Truth & Trickery after hearing Heartaches Coming Around

In July

  • Sandy Sierke from Fleurieu FM contacted me after I sent her Truth & Trickery, very excited about the EP. She was happy for me to send more of my work to play on her Breakfast Radio show with a Country Flavour.

In June

  • Thursday June 13 I was on the phone to Warren Kearney on 4DDD on the Darling Downs. This is one of my old stomping grounds and we chatted about how my musical career kicked off in that very area. I’m sending Wazza a copy of the whole EP which he will feature on the show.
  • My lovely friend, Ian Crombie, has been playing tracks from Truth & Trickery on his Newcastle Radio shows
  • Heartaches Coming Around re-entered the Australian Country Charts and is now at No.22 the week of June 10th

In May

Another busy month on radio.

  • Friday 3rd I was in ABC Studios with the Adelaide Songs crew to record an interview for The Mid North Songs project, this was aired on regional radio during the following week.
  • May 4th I chatted live with:
    • Kay on 2MAXFM
    • Leonie McClure on 2RRR Gladesville
    • Cherie Hall on 2EAR Moroyu / Nowra
  • May 8th I spoke to Wayne Osborne on his “Ossie & Friends” Show Lake Macquarie FM 97.3
  • Sunday 12th I phoned in to chat with Beth on YassFM 100.3
  • Sadly missed speaking with Norm Tongue at BBBFM on Sunday 19th. The station has moved into new premises, but the new phone system is not functioning well enough to hear callers. But Norm was very impressed with the new EP and has been playing all of the tracks during his show.
  • Thursday June 30 I phoned in to Phoenix FM to chat with Floreena Forbes during her show Music With Floreena 11am-1pm

AMRAP Report

Also in May, tracks from Truth & Trickery have been added to various shows on these stations’ playlists

  • Gin Gin’s Own 104.9FM
  • Gosnells 107.3HFM
  • Narrandera District Community Radio

In April

  • I was in the studio with Chris Carpenter on Thursday Hills Chat show at Hills Radio 88.7fm Thursday 18th.
  • Also in the studio with Eric Ford on 5EBI fm
  • I phoned in to speak with Cathy and Clint on their Friday morning show 26th on 3MDR 91.7fm
  • In the Radio Adelaide Studio 27th with Lisa on Arts Breakfast and was delivered this podcast of the segment
  • On the phone to Nigel on TYGA FM in Tasmania 27th
  • On the phone with Tony in Donnybrook Community Radio in WA Friday 26th

AMRAP Report

Also this month, tracks from Truth & Trickery have been added to these stations’ playlists

  • Three D Radio
  • 2AirFM
  • Fleurieu FM
  • 2OCB FM107.5
  • Radio Mama 100.5fm
  • 98.5 Apple FM
  • Burnett River Radio
  • Cairns 89.1FM
  • Gin Gin’s Own 104.9FM
  • 107.3 Heritage FM
  • VOX FM
  • Fraser Coast Community Radio
  • 99.9 Voice FM

5795 spins across 50 digital stations around the world.Monthly Reports of Pity Me from Akademia Radio

February 6910 spins in February on 58 stations

March 8576 spins over 74 Digital Radio Stations

April 9841 spins over 85 Digital Stations across the world


In November  I was guest artist on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM show Song Catcher Monday night 12th. If you missed the show, you can listen back on the podcast here

In September After my gig at Three Brothers Arms in Macclesfield, I was invited into Hills Radio 88.9FM in Mt Barker to chat with Crash Carpenter on his Hills Chat Show.  We talked about my impending release Taking It Well and my plans for Tamworth.

  • Radio Adelaide 101.5fm has added my new EP Taking It Well to their station library
  • Hills Radio 88.7fm has added my new EP Taking It Well to their station library
  • Country Capital Radio [digital station in Tamworth] has uploaded Good Heart and my new EP Taking It Well.
  • AMRAP Airit also uploaded all three tracks from my new EP Taking It Well
  • 3MDR97.1FM uploaded my new EP and invited me onto Breakfast with Cathy and Clint

In August a couple of stations went back into Airit to find some more tracks for their libraries

  • 2BAB 92.7FM in Sanctuary Point NSW added my 2014 release, Running Away 

  • VOX FM in Woolloongong NSW added my 2015 releases Beautiful Girl; Fortune Of A Soldier; Broken Down as well as the 2014 release, Running Away 

  • Michael Crichton at 3WBC continues to add my tracks to his play list

Chic Chic Boom, Good Heart and Can’t Stand By was accepted by AMRAP Airit services and made available to Community Radio Stations around Australia as of July 1.

In July the following stations added Chic Chic Boom to their playlist and/or libraries.

  • Tribe FM in Willunga SA 
  • Access All on 97.9 Valley FM in Parkes NSW 
  • Sunday Breakfast on Highland FM in Bowral NSW is playing Chic Chic Boom; Good Heart and Can’t Stand By!
  • Mostly Folk fun and Friends on Whitehorse Boroondara fm Community radio in Ashburton Vic is playing Chic Chic Boom; Good Heart and Can’t Stand By!
  • New Grooves on 96.5 Inner FM in Heidelberg Vic
  • Sat’day Muster on Fleurieu FM in Victor Harbour SA
  • Lunch Box on 2XX FM in Canberra ACT
  • 5GTR FM in Mt Gambier SA
  • Tjuma Pulka Media Aboriginal Corporation in Kalgoorlie WA
  • VOX FM in Woolloongong NSW has added  Chic Chic Boom; Good Heart and Can’t Stand By to their station library!
  • King Island Community Radio on King Island Tasmania
  • The AMRAP Show on 5GTR FM in Mount Gambier SA is playing Good Heart!
  • Breakfast on 2MCE FM in Bathurst NSW


Before my launch of Chic Chic Boom at Two Chics and A Boom Umbrella show, I managed a quick interview with Phoenix on his Threedradio show 93.7fm The Cuckoo Nest Thursday 19th July.

The single Chic Chic Boom has also been aired on ‘New Grooves’ program on 96.5 Inner FM, Melbourne

Ian Crombie is still playing my tracks on Newcastle Radio 16 and just recently Mark Theile from 5Triple Z in McLaren Vale is programming tracks from the Good Heart EP during Folk Harvest.

Thanks goes to Tonk’n Along with Tonks for airing Pity Me on Voice Of The Avon 101.3FM

Thank you to Rachel Connor for airing Pity Me on her fab radio show – such an apt song for The Grave Yard Shift on Triple R – 3RRR 102.7FM


Thursday Dec 14th, I was chatting to Kallen on Bumma Bippera 98.7fm Drive show based in Cairns.

I had fun chatting to Jodie and Jon on The Pulse 88.9fm Tamworth NSW, Tuesday December 4th about the new single / EP and upcoming events. On Wednesday 5th, Tony Wright from DB Community Radio 102.1fm in Donnybrook, WA was talking to me on his show Wright On.

I had the chance to speak to Ian Crombie on Saturday November 4th. Ian recorded the interview and is playing it on his Radio16 show ‘Homegrown Country’ Saturday Nov 11th from 3pm.

The sweet Dale Ackland has introduced my new single Pity Me on his 3D Radio show ‘3D Lounge’ aired Tuesday 24th October @ Noon. Thanks also to Ali Oakley for spinning a couple of tracks from the EP on her Saturday morning Heavy Petal show.

Eric Ford has invited me on his Folk Till Midnight show on 5EBI November 8th,we’re examining the roots of my songwriting development leading up to the Single Launch on 17th.

I have again claimed a spot on Radio Adelaide’s Arts Breakfast Show Saturday 28th October to chat with Tara Nash about SCALA’s up coming events and my own single Launch.

Elaine McLaughlin and myself were guests on the Arts Breakfast show Saturday morning July 1st. Lovely chat with Lisa Harper Campbell about Thrilling You Softly, here is the podcast if you missed it.

My great friends Tone & Kirri, have spent an evening recently interviewing myself and Elaine McGlaughlin about our upcoming Umbrella show ‘Thrilling You Softly‘. Also, they very kindly videoed us performing a couple of our tunes, Fly and Six More Days more of this will be released on their FB page over the coming weeks.


My new single has been sent to a number of local stations. Keep an ear out!

So excited to join Susan Lily on her brand new Melody Sunday radio show on WOWfm Sunday October 16th. Susan starts at 6pm and goes through until 8pm. I joined her for a chat on her very first show. She played a couple of songs off All Fun & Games and I sang her my new song “Tried To Write A Christmas Song” being released digitally November 11th! You can catch her on 100.5fm if you are in the Adelaide area or tune in online

It was with great pleasure I joined Cath Kenneally on the Arts Breakfast Show at Radio Adelaide 101.FMSaturday Sep 9th as the SCALA guest artist.  We chatted about my Guest Spot at FOOM Live Heat 2 at The Wheaty as well as my current recording adventures. Radio Adelaide seemed to have transitioned quite comfortably to the new studio location now seated with Fresh FM. A relief they have been able to continue their fine work.

Andy, Marta & I had a blast with Tone & Kirri at Hills Radio 88.9FM on their Aussie As Music Show July 12th. We chatted about our Umbrella show, A Night in Greenwich Village and played a few tunes to whet the listener’s appetite for the real thing.  It was full on winter night with icy roads and power outages, which took out the transmitter. Fortunately, streaming was still an option and we received a great response from listeners.  Kirri and Tone were so impressed they have uploaded loads of footage onto their FB page.

Spent a little time on Radio Adelaide’s Arts Breakfast show Saturday 23rd April chatting with Jen Lenman about SCALA and Adelaide Songs. If you missed it, have a listen here to the podcast

Great news for SA musicians. Introducing iSA Radio, the new online station playing only independent artists from South Australia. Now open for music submissions from the community at www.iSAradio.com.au 

I had a fantastic evening as a guest on Tone & Kirri’s Fair Dinkum Aussie As Music Show – 88.9FM Hills Radio, April 5th. Tone & Kirri have added me to their playlist and we chatted about the songs, the album and upcoming events. You can check out some footage taken in the studio on their FB page.

AMRAP have accepted 80 copies of the All Fun & Games CD and will distribute them to radio stations around the country in their February 2016 mail out.

Further songs from “All Fun & Games” have been picked up by various stations in January. Encouraging to see that some stations have come back for more.

Radio Program Name Station Name (preferred)
Fair Dinkum Aussie As Music Show Hills Radio 88.9 FM
Kickin’ Country Gin Gin’s Own 104.9Fm
Station Library Narrandera District Community Radio Station Inc
Station Library Copy 5YYY 107.7 FM
Saturday Alternative 2MNO Community Radio
The Local 5 Triple Z

After being in the Top 20 new release charts on ThreeDRadio, All Fun & Games hit the #5 spot in the first week of 2016.

At the same time, AMRAP reported eleven more stations across Australia have picked up the songs loaded on the Airit database during December.

Radio Program Name Station Name (Prefered)
Keith’s Aussie Country Corner 95.1 FM
The Lunch Time Roll Tjuma Pulka Media Aboriginal Corporation
Glamour Rock Coast FM
Our Selection Trax FM
The Local 5 Triple Z
Charlie’s Hits Radio Alexandrina
50 Shades of Horsy Hawkesbury Radio
Not disclosed Hills Radio 88.9 FM
John Reid Tuesday Lunchtime Program 94.7 The Pulse
Wednesday Folk Triple U FM
Radio Ranch / The Country Chart Top 30 99.9 Voice FM


All Fun & Games spent a couple of weeks in the 3D New Release charts making it to #13.

AMRAP Airit services have recently uploaded three songs from All Fun & Games and several stations have picked these up to play in Tasmania, Victoria, NSW and SA.

Radio Program Name Station Name (Prefered)
Here, There, Everywhere 5EFM
Undisclosed King Island Community Radio
solid gold Independents 3rpc 99.3 fm community radio
Sounds Like Music Radio 3mgb
Folk Plus Ryde Regional Radio

Meanwhile, Ian Crombie of Radio 1629am Newcastle has already introduced ‘Nobody’s Wife’ to his play list. Dale Ackland of Threedradio 93.7fm has introduced Oh Beautiful Day and Nothing To See to his 3D Lounge listeners.

Meanwhile, Ian Crombie of Radio 1629am Newcastle has already introduced ‘Nobody’s Wife’ to his play list. Dale Ackland of Threedradio 93.7fm has introduced Oh Beautiful Day and Nothing To See to his 3D Lounge listeners.

Mandi Faerie invited me on to her show ‘The Sound Cage’ Tuesday night December 1st to chat about All Fun & Games and other projects I have been working on this year. I gave her a live rendition of Broken Down and we played Oh Beautiful Day from the CD.

I was interviewed on Radio Adelaide Breakfast Show by Louise Pascale, November 30, about my new album launch happening December 6th. All Fun & Games is shaping up to be a big giggle with Fun and Games on the table, literally!

To help publicise SCALA Midweek Melt at the Gaslight Tavern Nov 4th, I was invited onto Radio Adelaide’s Arts Breakfast Show Saturday morning October 30th to chat with Jen Lenman and sing a couple of tunes.

I was invited on to Radio Adelaide ‘Songcatcher’ program, Monday night September 21st.  You can now hear the podcast of me playing songs and chatting with Clayton, Claire and Adrian about songwriting and my influences.

Radio Airplay has been spreading ‘Running Away’ across the globe and I thank them for attracting some new fans from abroad. I have added “Beautiful Girl” and “Broken Down” to the mix.

Chatted with Cath Kenneally at Radio Adelaide April 4th to promote the SCALA Live concert I will be performing at April 9th @ The Austral Hotel along with Anne Poore and Take Three.  Listen to Podcast of the show.

Dee Sellick from Hills Radio 88.9FM invited me to chat and perform on her Monday morning chat show March 9th.  We spent an hour talking about my upcoming gig at Wassail, the Adelaide Songs Tour, playing my songs both live and on CD. Thank you Dee

The lovely Dale from 3D Radio has played a couple of tunes from Telling Tales on his Tuesday afternoon show Three D Lounge. Tune in to Dale, he does a great show every week. He and I have teamed up on the Hillbilly Hoot, Monday nights, also on 3D to play a couple of my songs.

While in Tamworth, during the Country Music Festival (January),  I met Ian Crombie from Radio 1629amNewcastle [ZFMCountry 88FM].  Ian is a big fan of Australian original music and has taken a copy of Telling Tales and I have sent him a copy of Running Away, so if you’re in the Newcastle area, tune in and have a listen or you can listen on line @ www.radio16.com.au 


When launching “Running Away”, I had a chat with Angus Randall on Radio Adelaide 101.5fm Breakfast Radio Oct 16th of which there is a podcast – click to listen – as well as Cath Kenneally’s Arts Breakfast Oct 25th.  While John Murch added the new single to his playlist on his Radio Notes show. I was also invited to Coast 88.7FM Nov 4th to talk to Mandi Faerie on The Sound Cage.

Robert Dunstan from Bside Magazine interviewed me at the Midweek Melt gig at The Gaslight Tavern published in issue [no.5].

After submitting the single to ‘Air It’ the single has been ordered/downloaded by over 20 community stations around the country thus far.  You can request it from your local station.  Many of these stations can also be heard online.

STATE |          CITY          |          RADIO STATION                |         PROGRAM (IF APPLICABLE)

SA       | Macclesfield     |      5EFM                                      |     Here, There, Everywhere

SA       | Whyalla/Norrie |    5YYY 107.7 FM                       |     Station Library

SA       | Walkerville         |      5CST COAST FM                  |      A Little Night Music

SA        | Adelaide            |    5UV Radio Adelaide             |    Up Down Under

VIC       | Portland            |    3RPC 99.3 FM                        |    Solid gold Independent Music

VIC       | Footscray          |     3SCB  88.3 Southern FM     |      The Right Side Of The Bed

VIC       | Ballarat             |    3BBB 99.9 The VoiceFM       |    Radio Ranch

VIC       | Alexandra         |   3UGE Radio Murrindindi      |     Something New Old and Blue

VIC       | Rowville            |    3MDR 97.1FM                         |     An Acoustic Companion

VIC       | Maryknoll         |     3SER Casey Radio                  |     Swamp Dog Show

TAS       | Launceston      | 7LTN City Park Radio103.7FM |   Thru The Decades

NSW     | Revesby             |    2RRR Ryde Regional Radio   |    My Kind of Country

NSW     | Goulburn          |     2GCR 103.3 FM The Voice   |    Tuesday Aussie Country

NSW     | Nowra                |    2UUU Triple U FM                 |     The Folk Club

NSW     | Coffs Harbour   |   2AIRFM 107.9                         |     This Is Country

QLD      | Woodridge        |     4CBL   101FM                        |    Bright and Beautiful

QLD      | Tannymorel       |   4SDB Rainbow FM                  |    Australian Country

QLD      | Gin Gin               |    Gin Gin’s Own 104.9FM        |   Mid Afternoon

WA        | Kalgoorlie          |  Tjuma Pulka Media   96.3FM  |   The Lunchtime Roll

WA        | Geraldton          |   6RM  Radio Mama100.5FM   |    Station Library

NSW     | Yenda, Griffith   | 2MIA 95.1FM                              |  Keith’s Aussie Country Corner