Perfect Place

In September, I travelled to my favourite Flinders Ranges town of Melrose, but not for the sadly missed Music Muster. When the Muster was still a thing, I discovered the perfect place for a live shoot and promised I would return. The Holy Trinity Anglican Church offers perfect acoustics and a glorious light.  I knew this was the best location for a gentle murder ballad and it did not disappoint.  We took advantage of this exquisite building to portray a sad tale, but one clothed in a rich ambience.

Thanks goes to Fr John Fowler for arranging access and facilitating the extended time required.

Live Recording Mission

I engaged Reel Time Studios,  with trusty camera and borrowed recording devices to shoot the footage.  After several takes, we had the material to splice together a good story.  Together we spent an hour selecting the best bits and were rewarded with a wonderful finished product.

Almost Okay now available on YouTube for you viewing enjoyment.